Azerbaijani delegation visited the NAEC to Discuss Ongoing Cooperation and Future Partnership Prospects

Dr. Sophia Gorgodze, Director of the National Assessment and Examinations Center hosted Vali Hussein, Head of the Strategy Department of the State Examination Center of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and Elnur Abbasov, Head of Law, Civil Service Policy and State Strategy Division.

For the third year in a row, the National Assessment and Examinations Center has been assisting the SEC to develop Georgian language and literature exam materials for schools in the Republic of Azerbaijan for the 9th and 11th grade students. For its part, the State Examinations Center of the Republic of Azerbaijan together with the NAEC’s experts has developed an item bank for Teachers’ Professional Examination in Azerbaijani language and literature. The following exam will be conducted by the NAEC for the first time this year.

The meeting also touched upon the existing challenges in the field of assessment and future plans. The National Assessment and Examinations Center plans to further enhance cooperation with its Azerbaijani counterparts in the near future.

NAEC’s Open-Door Day in Marneuli

The National Assessment and Examinations Center organized an open-door day for the twelfth graders of Marneuli Municipality schools. Ms. Maia Gabunia, the Head of the Center’s Exam Process Management Service, visited the fifth public school to discuss upcoming Unified National Examinations.

The meeting focused on the examination procedures, registration issues, as well as the recommendations that the examinees should consider both before and during the exams. At the open-door day, the entrants received comprehensive information about the Georgian language training program.

“It was a very informative meeting. It covered all of the hot topics regarding the upcoming exams. I have chosen psychology as my future profession. The closer the exam time is, the more the tension increases and it is very natural. Despite the pandemic, my peers and I have tried hard- we will do our best to reach our goals. My advice for entrants is to worry less and be more confident in themselves.”

Elene Bochoidze – Student of Marneuli Public School N5

The National Assessment and Examinations Center has been hosting open-door days for entrants since December. Due to the pandemic, meetings were held in electronic format. The link was public and accessible to all interested parties. For 6 months, the test takers had the opportunity to attend online meetings every week and get answers regarding the upcoming exams directly from NAEC’s subject experts.