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The National Center for Assessment and Examinations (NAEC) is the first licensed organization in Georgia to conduct ACCA computer-based examinations. The CBE was granted licensed status by the Center after monitoring confirmed that it truly offers the best conditions to applicants and fully ensures the confidentiality of the process.

ACCA is a worldwide organization for professional accountants. It aims to offer customers relevant business qualifications that will help them describe their career advancement in accounting, finance and management.

The organization currently has 162,000 members and 426,000 students in 170 countries. In addition, ACCA constantly helps them advance their careers and meet the requirements of the employer.

The ACCA was formed in 1904. Since its inception, its core values ​​are: equal opportunities, diversity, innovation, unity, accountability. The organization is trying to remove the artificial barrier and give everyone the opportunity to become a qualified financier.

Advantages of computer test:

ACCA offers applicants two ways to pass the exam: written and computer. Applicants can take computer exams at the National Center for Assessment and Examinations.

ACCA has more than 400 licensed centers around the world that conduct computer-based testing.

The advantage of computer exams is that the applicant can take or pass the exam at any time, while written exams are held only twice a year (December and June). However, the applicant sees the test result instantly on the computer screen as soon as the test is completed. Official results are sent to the account opened on the ACCA website within 72 hours.

During the computer test, the remaining time is displayed on the monitor, which helps the applicant to control the test time. The applicant can optionally change the answers by moving the cursor to another answer and marking it, which saves a lot of exam time on the written exam.

NAEC offers the following computer exams:

Basics in the field of accounting:

  • FA1 Financial transaction recording;
  • MA1 Management Information;
  • FA2 Financial Records Production;
  • MA2 Cost and Finance Management;
  • FAB Accountant in Business;
  • FFA Financial Accounting;
  • FMA Management Accounting.

ACCA Qualifications

  • F1 Accountant in Business;
  • F2 Management Accounting;
  • F3 Financial Accounting;
  • F4 (English or Global) Corporate and Business Law.

The first two exams include only two-point, closed-ended questions.

  • Duration – 2 hours;
  • Consists of 50 issues;
  • Maximum score – 100;
  • Passing score – 50% and more.

All other exams include the following types of questions: multiple choice; Select multiple correct answers from the list; Multiple Answer Multiple Phrase (Multiple Answer Matching) Write the answer in numbers (enter a number). All types of assignments are evaluated with 2 points.

  • Duration – 2 hours;
  • Consists of 50 issues;
  • Maximum score – 100;
  • Passing score – 50% and more.

ACAA – Registration and Prices

Applicant must register for the exam at least 10 days before the exam date. To register at the NAEC, you must submit:

  1. Photocopy of ID card or passport;
  2. Completed application form (Link)
  3. Receipt of payment of the exam fee.

Bank details:

Bank Code – TRESGE22; Holder of the account “National Center for Assessment and Examinations”, account number – 707627499. Please indicate in the destination field: name, surname, personal number, exact name of the exam and the date of the exam.

ACCA Exam Names Dates and prices

Payment must be made in national currency, GEL.

Any questions ? Get in Touch with NAEC

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