The IEA Teacher Education and Development Study in Mathematics (TEDS-M) was an international, comparative study of primary and secondary mathematics teacher education. TEDS-M examined how different countries have prepared their teachers to teach mathematics in primary and lower-secondary schools.

Georgia was among 17 countries that participated in TEDS-M in 2008. Ten Georgian universities, 600 students, and 65 professors took part in the study. The main data collection was carried out in 2007–2008.

The study provided information about future teachers’ mathematics and pedagogy knowledge at the end of their pre-service education relative to other participant countries. The study gathered information on various characteristics of teacher education institutions, programs, and curricula; the opportunities to learn within these contexts; and future teachers’ knowledge and beliefs about mathematics and learning mathematics. TEDS-M provided the opportunity to examine relationships between teacher education policies, institutional practices, and future mathematics teachers’ competencies.

For more information about the study, please consult the IEA web page.

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