Examinations 2020 in Georgia successfully completed

The Director of the National Assessment and Examinations Center Sophia Gorgodze has summarized the examinations 2020 in Georgia at the press conference on August 5, 2020.

The numbers of participants are:

  • 94% of 39.300 university entrants took the Unified National Examinations
  • 78% out of 3.600 applicants participated in the Students’ Grant Competition
  • 88% out of 12.000 applicants participated in the teacher certification examinations
  • 87% out of 12.600 applicants participated in the Master’s Graduate Entry Examinations

There have been some cases of applicants’ late arrival for the examination. 1 teacher and 3 university entrants were expelled from the examinations for using cell phones and other unfair means.

The examination results publication process for the university entrants has already been started. The results for the beginning teachers will be declared in the second half of August. The applicants of the Master’s Graduate Entry Examinations will be able to check their results at the end of August. All applicants can see their results on the below listed official web addresses of the National Assessment and Examinations Center:

Registration to file an appeal starts after all examination results publication finalizes. Applications will be received through the website of the National Assessment and Examinations Center: www.naec.ge. Applicants can file an appeal on particular tasks or the whole test results. The decision is issued by the independent appeal committee.

EXAMS 2020 in Georgia   Successfully Completed – interview with Sophia Gorgodze, Director of National Assessment and Examinations Center (In Georgian language).

Continue to Study and Study in Georgia

Registration of those who want to Continue to Study in Georgia from higher educational institutions of foreign countries will start on August 1, 10:00 and will continue until August 20, 18:00

Citizens of Georgia who have studied / are studying and have received credits / qualifications in a higher education institution recognized in accordance with the law in a foreign country (they were abroad for a period of study, not less than 75 days during the semester) will be able to take the exam.

The basis for taking the exam is a person’s statement about taking the exam. The application is filled out in the building of the National Assessment and Examinations Center (Address: Tbilisi, E. Mindeli Street N9), and in the regions – in the Educational resource centers. of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture And Sport of Georgia

Registration details Link in Georgian.

Study in Georgia

Studying in Georgia is an important thing to consider for international student desiring to pursue a Quality Education in any chosen field of academic study. Georgia is a country that has enjoyed a tremendous form of Cultural fertility, Tourist activities etc. The people of Georgia are completely free, and their welcomes are warm.

Georgia is one of the best countries to study. They have wonderful universities in Georgia that are recognized World-wide. The Standard of Education in Georgia is as high as studying in the United States, Canada, UK or other European countries.


General examinations for master’s degree have begun

The general master’s exam in Georgia began on August 1 and will end on August 4. More than 12,600 undergraduates are registered for the exam.

In order to ensure the safety of those examining the 2020 exams, the recommendations developed by the Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Labor, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia are being followed.

Unlike previous years, this year, those who registered for the general master’s exam take only one type of test, which completely eliminates the problems associated with the choice of educational programs and mobility.

After passing the general master’s examination, candidates for magistrates take a special examination directly at higher education institutions.

The General Master’s Exam 2020 in Georgia Video in Georgian