National Assessment and Examinations Center (NAEC) is launching a new project called “Certus”. The project was created, on the one hand, taking into account the requirements of organizations (private companies, higher education institutions, etc.) helping organizations to reduce the costs, ensure quality of recruitment and, on the other hand, the needs of those wishing to continue working or studying in this sector.

“Certus” envisages the introduction of a complete, complex and methodologically sound service for the selection or confirmation of competencies and the issuance of the relevant certificate.

This initiative will be a convenient and affordable way to increase competitiveness for anyone. The participant will be able to prove key competencies at a convenient time. He/She will be able to submit the received certificate to a potential employer or higher education institution.

The first, initial stage of the introduction of “Certus” will also be of interest to those wishing to continue their studies in master’s or doctoral programs – candidates will be able to confirm their English language proficiency and submit the relevant document to the school in the near future.

Employers can request a certificate of competence issued from the National Assessment and Examinations Center in the following fields:

  1. English Language Proficiency – First Product;
  2. German, Russian, French Proficiency;
  3. Computer Literacy (MS Office programs);
  4. Aptitude Skills;
  5. Georgian Language Proficiency and Functional Writing;
  6. Administrative Skills.
  7. and other Qualified Assessment and Examination Products from NAEC ‘s and external experts’ portfolios (Step by Step and according to Market needs).

The Center is able to provide customers with exclusive tests for assessing knowledge and/or skills of new or current employees upon request.

The Center offers assessment of emotional and practical intelligence with the latest standardized and adapted instruments. Those skills are of special importance for managerial positions and in the service sector.

For further information please refer to the  Link

Certus Demo Tests: Certus.naec.ge


Each year NAEC conducts numerous types of exams. Evaluation of some of these tests is almost fully automated. Tests containing matching items or multiple-choice items can be scanned and analyzed with minimal human interference. Tests with open-end answers need human assessment, however. NAEC developed the eMarker software suite in 2008 to facilitate open-ended answer questions.

eMaker – open-end answers human assessment – in Action

The advantages of eMarker include:

  1. It enables test evaluation to be performed without necessarily bringing all group members to one place;
  2. It can run in both demo and contest modes;
  3. It can split items which result in faster and more efficient assessment;
  4. Its double-checking feature decreases human errors and thus further improves the quality of assessment.

A number of leading organizations in the field of assessment also use NAEC’s eMARKER. 

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