TALIS is the first international survey to focus on working teachers and school principals, their working conditions, learning opportunities, instructional practices, and attitudes and beliefs about teaching and learning.

TALIS focuses on lower secondary education teachers and the principals of their schools. It seeks to provide policy-relevant data and analysis on the following key aspects of schooling: (1) the role and functioning of school leadership; (2) how teachers’ work is appraised and the feedback they receive; (3) teachers’ professional development; and (4) teachers’ beliefs and attitudes about teaching and their pedagogical practices.

Georgia joined TALIS in 2014 within the TALIS 2013+ cycle. Next cycle of the study was conducted in 2018. Both cycles of the international study were implemented through the generous financial support of the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and Millennium Challenge Account – Georgia (MCA). It engaged up to 400 school principals and 6000 teachers in 400 schools including Azerbaijani language schools. 

The information TALIS generated will provide Georgian policy makers and education leaders with internationally comparable information on (1) teacher and school principal demographics; (2) workload, roles and functions; (3) opportunities and participation in professional development activities; (4) teacher appraisal and feedback practices; (5) engagement in collaborative practices; (6) teachers and school principals’ satisfaction with their profession and working conditions; (7) teaching and school leadership practices; and (8) beliefs and attitudes about teaching. The TALIS national report (1) compares teacher and school characteristics across the country; (2) examines the relationships among various teacher and school principal variables from the perspective of ongoing and planned reforms; and (3) provides recommendations for schools and policy makers.

For more information about the study, please consult the OECD web site.

In 2018 Georgia’s participation was made possible through the financial support of Second Compact of Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) with Georgia, administered by Millennium Challenge Account – Georgia (MCA-Georgia).

Based on the voice of teachers and school leaders, TALIS 2018 report offers a series of policy recommendations to help strengthen the professionalization of teaching careers.

Teachers and School Leaders as Valued Professionals (TALIS) 2018 Report, Georgia

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