The third Pilot of electronic testing within the project “Assessment for Development” has been completed successfully

On June 1-4 the pilot testing was conducted in about 350 schools across Georgia. The process went smoothly. Dr. Sophia Gorgodze, the director of the National Assessment and Examinations Center observed the testing process at School No. 122, in Tbilisi.

The tryout was conducted in electronic format in Georgian Language and Mathematics and was attended by fourth and sixth grade students. Both Georgian Language and Mathematics tests were performed by about 4500 students on each session of the test.

The purpose of the test is to refine the electronic report and open ended questions scoring modules and the testing format so that it meets the needs of each school in particular. Diagnostic assessment will also help schools plan the academic year accordingly.

In November 2020 more than 1000 students from all over Georgia took part in the second tryout of the system where electronic platform as well as the contents of the assignments were tested .

The National Assessment and Examinations Center started working on the project “Assessment for Development” in 2019. Its purpose is to evaluate the achievements of fourth and sixth graders with the help of an electronic platform at the end of the school year in Georgian language and literature (literacy) and mathematics (quantitative literacy).

The results will help students and parents monitor the progress made during the learning process and get information about the strengths and weaknesses of students. This project will enable schools observe the teaching-learning trends both at the individual class level and at the school level in general. It should be noted that the grade points obtained are not reflected in the student’s annual assessment.

Author: National Assessment and Examinations Center.

National Assessment and Examinations Center. Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia.

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