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Additional Exam Sessions for Covid-19 Recovered Applicants

An additional Georgian language and literature exam session will be conducted on July 21 for more than 100 entrants. Additional examination sessions are scheduled for examinees who were unable to take exams on time due to the Covid-19 diagnoses. Only one additional session will be scheduled in each subject. On July 23, more than 30 … Continue reading “Additional Exam Sessions for Covid-19 Recovered Applicants”

The Unified National Examinations 2021 Started Today

The examination process started simultaneously in 25 exam centers throughout Georgia on the 1st of July 09:00 AM with Georgian Language and Literature exam in two sessions. More than 38,400 applicants are registered for the 2021 exams. The Unified National Examinations are centralized, high-stakes and computer based. The whole process is standardized, every procedure including … Continue reading “The Unified National Examinations 2021 Started Today”


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